Q’ed Up

Today I picked up “Anjelica” from a fast food place. She was wearing face shield over her mask, so I didn’t notice at first that she was also wearing a GoPro head-cam. I wondered if it was recording but didn’t get to ask.

Anjelica had apparently just come…

Pro Tips

There hasn’t been time for much ride-share driving lately. My regular work has kept me pretty busy. But recently I had a couple of passengers who desperately needed a refresher on how the ride-share industry works.

The first was a woman whom I’ll call Alexis. She and her…

Blind Rage

Recently I picked back up driving for the ride share. One of my first rides was a woman going to meet her friend at a popular café. About a block away from her destination, we passed a man who was stumbling down the sidewalk — literally.

“Oh no…


Darkness, lightness, where do you fall?

In the kitchen or in the hall?

Will you listen when I call

or will you pass me by.

My home is still as…

Night Walkers

On a side street off a major thoroughfare, I spotted a young woman walking alone. She was wearing a lovely little flower-print party dress, cute little shoes that perfectly matched, and she had her hair done up in a bun; clearly she was ready for a Saturday night out. …

Surgeon Pricing

At around midnight I picked up a spinal surgeon who was unusually glad to see me, explaining that he had “been in surgery all day” and was exhausted. He was lovely, with a gentle, comforting voice that anyone would trust. He began immediately talking about some of the cases he…

Him Too

“I’m sorry that happened to you. That totally fucking sucks.”

A young man I’ll call “Daniel” had spent the last several months going to physical therapy for a strained wrist-to-shoulder. He was in a moderate amount of pain all the time, “But at least I got to have the summer…

Foster the People

“Andrew” was very eager to get home and so was frustrated by the rush-hour traffic that we had no choice but to sit in. He had just gotten off work at a chain restaurant where his current position was “Hostess. I used to work in the kitchen but now I’m…


It’s a given that along any well-travelled highway you’ll see dirty diapers, lone shoes or socks, furniture, tires, and various and sundry pieces of vehicles themselves. These are the things I have seen on the side of the road that I thought were a little more unique and interesting:



After the kind of arts-and-crafts filled preschool birthday party all but stereotypical of middle-class parents, “Lily” stood outside the open back door of my car, took one look at me in the driver seat, and forced herself into a half-hearted scream. Whether this was some sort of show of displeasure…

Kim Leonard

Filmmaker. Screenwriter. Rebel scum.

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