Driving Me to Think

It’s a given that along any well-travelled highway you’ll see dirty diapers, lone shoes or socks, furniture, tires, and various and sundry pieces of vehicles themselves. These are the things I have seen on the side of the road that I thought were a little more unique and interesting:

A three-wheeled baby pusher. The really expensive kind with one small bicycle wheel in front and two in the back that you often see people pushing in front of them while jogging. Perhaps these people were just done having kids and were ridding themselves of all evidence that they’d ever had any.

An entire back seat. But aren’t they gonna need that?

Hard hats of various colors. They always look as if they were carefully placed there as some sort of private memorial.

Various pairs of adult underwear. Though there’s undoubtedly a perfectly innocent explanation, seeing the frilly, lacy ones that women wear is really quite disturbing if you think about it.

A flattened piñata in the shape of a fish.

A small, portable cement mixer.

Filmmaker. Screenwriter. Rebel scum.

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Kim Leonard

Kim Leonard

Filmmaker. Screenwriter. Rebel scum.

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