I had one of the original version iPads, a gift from my family honoring my impending college graduation. But after one of Apple’s OS updates, the device’s power button simply stopped working. That might seem like not much of a big deal, but not being able to power down the device (i.e. reboot it) led to other issues with some of their core apps and essentially rendered the whole iPad useless.

I naïvely brought it to my local Apple store and described the problem. The “geniuses” were not at all subtle in displaying their total disbelief of my description of the problem. In fairness, I know these people have heard all kinds of stories customers tell them to try to disguise the fact that the customer him/herself has caused the problem. But these guys wouldn’t even look at the device.

Their one and only attempt to resolve the issue was to offer me a trade-in. By which they meant that I could trade in my iPad — plus $350 — for a new one.

I actually still have that iPad, now reduced to a paperweight. I kept it intending to take it to a different Apple store to have it looked at, but never got around to it.

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